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The modern service business can't let itself be slowed down by obsolete work procedures. Say goodbye to paper and pen; bid farewell to double data entry. Get ready to greet mobile service scheduling software with absolute conviction. By working with iFleet for Smart Service, your business' office facilities are suddenly available everywhere. Burst out into the field with the help of a mobile application that goes everywhere your employees go. Whenever you’re dispatching technicians out into the big, scary service world, make sure you equip them with iFleet.

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When your technicians start using our service scheduling software, the day's work orders will be ready and waiting for them on their tablets and smartphones. When they arrive on location, your company's employees are going to have immediate access to all the support material essential to accomplish their task. Job notes, inventories, equipment information, and work histories are all kept in the same, convenient place.

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Wraps Around Your Process

We didn't make iFleet to torpedo the way you run your company. Instead, we engineered our service scheduling software to streamline your current processes. Most likely, your business keeps track of unique information we would not be able to guess, no matter how many presets we crammed inside iFleet. That's why we armed iFleet with the capacity to track and monitor customized job and customer information. iFleet's user defined fields can be set up in the office, then pushed to your techs' equipment with the utmost ease.

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Smart Service is a QuickBooks add-on that will optimize the way your service company does business. With Smart Service's dispatching and scheduling capabilities, you can keep every administrative aspect of your process in one place. Never enter the same data into separate programs again.

Smart Service means efficiency, and efficiency means more revenue!

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