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Now that Smart Service is here, there's no longer a need to squander your evenings processing documents, searching for signatures, or furnishing invoices. Once you have gotten your client's signature in iFleet, the task will be instantly recorded in Smart Service. Pulling up your customer's service record is as easy as pie. Quickly, check to see all previous work performed for a customer, which technician(s) did the work, the equipment serviced, and more.

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When a job is finished within iFleet, clients are made to see your business' terms and conditions, confirm job information, and finally sign off on the work order. Right after the details are completed and authorized, the finished form will be e-mailed straight to the client. iFleet lets you complete all of your contracts on location, at the same time the job is finished. It's swift, it's painless, it's paperless.

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Taking the plunge with new service scheduling software may seem scary, but iFleet helps make the transition simple. We do not need you to overhaul the manner in which you conduct your business. Conversely, we built iFleet to improve the methods you already have set up. Transfer your forms and get cracking straight away. Our extensive, step-by-step tutorials have led countless service businesses to a comprehensive understanding of our product. Smart Service and iFleet can start helping your company today.

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Smart Service is a QuickBooks add-on that will optimize the way your service company does business. With Smart Service's dispatching and scheduling capabilities, you can keep every administrative aspect of your process in one place. Never enter the same data into separate programs again.

Smart Service means efficiency, and efficiency means more revenue!

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